Interested in working together?

Who we are:

  • We formulate our own opinions and act independently. Our decisions are based on a combination of research and raw instinct
  • We've removed unnecessary bureaucracy, streamlining the decision-making process
  • We pride ourselves on our integrity, and expect the same from the founders we partner with. We don't play games, and will always provide open and honest feedback

We are generally interested in getting to know the following: 

  • Entrepreneurs in the New York City area who have yet to raise $500,000 across previous rounds of financing looking for active, lead investors for seed/early stage rounds
  • We are interested in the following sectors: consumeer, tech and biotech
  • Angel investors and early stage funds interested in co-investment partners
  • Interested in people with hard to find experience in areas newly explored by VCs, like electrical engineering, physical product ops, wireless, machine learning, computer vision, etc.  
  • Innovation community leaders and builders--like those who run labs, accelerators, and various other types of entrepreneurship programs in both the private and public sector

Entrepreneurs, if you're pitching, you will always get honest, direct feedback on any opportunities presented to EUKU Ventures. Please use the form to contact the CIO, Edwin Urrutia.